What a wonderful floor covering carpet is. There is evidence that the Egyptians used it as far back as 3000BC making it the oldest known floorcovering there is. Rest easy though, ours are a little newer than that. Whatever your requirements we will find a carpet that suits your household needs. Carpet is sold by the square metre or square yard. The density of the carpet will dictate price. The more dense the carpet, the greater the cost. All our prices in store are inclusive of fitting and underlay.


Please note that all carpets are subject to shading and it is an inherent characteristic of a woven textile.  The shading on some carpets is more prevalent than on others depending on the yarn used in production.  Please ask in-store for more details.


Synthetic – Polypropylene (PP)

Accounts for the greatest volume of sales currently due to its’ ease of maintenance. PP is a bleach cleanable textile. For “regular dirt” warm soapy water does the trick. For stains you may use a diluted bleach mix.
However, it is imperative that you reach that stain in a timely fashion. If your spill dries out it will be much harder to clean. Perfect for any area in the house. Once you choose the correct density it is hassle free but, unfortunately, it won’t vacuum itself. That carpet has yet to be invented. So, maintain it correctly and you will get years of enjoyment from it.

Synthetic – Polyamide / Nylon (PA)

“Soft touch” just doesn’t cover it. You might get out of bed in the middle of the night just to walk on it!! A most beautiful textile that needs to be touched to be believed. Wonderful carpet for maybe a quieter home. Unlike PP it is not bleach cleanable so if your little ones haven’t flown the coop then you may consider waiting until they do. Suitable for bedrooms – you may put it on your stairs but we don’t recommend it unless it’s just you and the cat.


Wool Carpet

Natural – Wool

It’s hard to beat the original. Wool carpets still remain a popular choice due to its durability. Generally, the 80/20 (%) mix is more suitable for the modern busy home. Our advice here is that if you are considering a wool carpet that you ensure it is of sufficient quality. Anything under €30.00 / sq metre is likely to consist of secondary yarn which is more brittle i.e. it will wear quicker. If that is your budget we would direct you back to PP.


A quality carpet underlay will prolong the life of your carpet by 30% – 50%. It bears the brunt of the weight and allows the pile on the carpet to bounce back more quickly. It offers insulation value and sound reduction. You can go without it if you wish but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

We recommend the 10mm polyurethane underlay. Cost efficient but still of high quality. If you have other requirements we are happy to go through your options.


At Banner Carpets we have our own team of highly experience fitters. All fitter’s costs are factored into your price once you have provided us with all relevant information. We are often asked how long will fitting take. Well, obviously, it does depend on how much carpet you have bought. A standard room will generally take 1 – 2 hours with a standard stairs and landing taking 2.5 – 3.5 hours. It can get noisy so if you are working from home it may be best to postpone any online meetings until installation is complete.